Some privacy resolutions for 2023

The year 2022 is drawing to a close, and for the coming 2023, we briefly propose some "privacy resolutions" below:

  • commit to minimize risks to avoid incidents or data breaches;
  • review the privacy policy or policies and consider whether any updates are needed;
  • if possible, sign deeds, contracts, and documents digitally, avoiding confusing analog from digital;
  • if you use drives in the cloud, encrypt files or choose providers that do it automatically;
  • use apps to encrypt your files and information also locally;
  • if possible, always send encrypted emails, not just for confidential communications;
  • use secure instant messaging apps that give you full control over your data;
  • if possible, use **open source* apps, so that processes are evaluated;
  • whenever you give your personal data to join services, read the privacy policy and pay attention to the required consent(s);
  • avoid sending others, primarily via messaging apps, documents, or personal information of data subjects.

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