AI-ML-DL: Data Protection and Privacy challenges and DAPPREMO

We have long been in the new era of data protection and privacy.

We are faced with imminent challenges, such as artificial intelligence solutions adopting machine learning and deep learning.

There is not only the Metaverse or not at all.

Participation in international conferences and discussion with fellow scientists from other parts of the world and with different backgrounds is a unique opportunity for scientific and cultural enrichment.

Research is crucial, and participation in the international conference "Application of Intelligent Systems - APPIS 2023" proved to be an essential occasion for the presentation of #DAPPREMO and the relationships between data protection, privacy, and the most futuristic topics.

APPIS 2023 was also an opportunity to kick off #DAPPREMO's AI project through Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Thank you to the organizers for this new edition of the conference.

machinelearning #deeplearning #artificialintelligence #privacy #dataprotection #APPIS2023

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